Tariq Ramadan
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“When we begin to look around us, to observe individuals and societies, and to study philosophies and religions, we realize that our loneliness is shared. Our solitude is plural, and our singularity is the similarity between us.” —Tariq Ramadan
“Acknowledged differences may create mutual respect, but hazy misunderstandings bring forth nothing but prejudice and rejection.” —Tariq Ramadan
“One would love nonetheless to know how to be a man, how to be a woman before God, in the mirror of one’s own conscience, in the looks of those who surround us. One would wish to find the strength to beautify one’s thoughts and to purify one’s heart. It is everyone’s hope and expectation to live in serenity and to plod along in transparency: the palms of the hands patiently directed towards heaven, at the heart of all this modernity.” —Tariq Ramadan
“The dignity of humankind, conferred by knowledge, cannot be devoid of the humility of reason aware of its own limits and thereby recognizing the necessity of faith.” —Tariq Ramadan
“The universe is pregnant with signs that recall the presence of the Creator.” —Tariq Ramadan

Eid Mubarak, Happy Feast!

“May Allah protect you, love you, guide you and preserve you, whoever you are, you and those you love. Eid Mubarak.” —Tariq Ramadan
“The illusion of recognition is probably more dangerous than the absence of recognition.” —Tariq Ramadan
“It is not to love death, but to value life in the right way” —Tariq Ramadan
“Cultures are never merely intellectual constructs. They take form through the collective intelligence and memory, through a commonly held psychology and emotions, through spiritual and artistic communion.” —Tariq Ramadan
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